Tuesday, February 17, 2009


A) If KUKALIWA is to allow your wife to be a partner and participant in formulating the family budget, then I support it, becoz women are wiser spenders than men.

B) If KUKALIWA means that, the family money is used by Mama Watoto to purchase stuff at Kariakoo rather than being drunk by the husband at RIVERSIDE then I support that men to be KALIWA.

C) If KAKALIWA husband is the one who wont spend ALL the monthly salary with DOGO DOGO or at KITMIMOTO Bar (while his KIDS starve) then HOORAY to all KALIWA husbands.

D) If KUKALIWA means that you are, a partner to your wife, that she is your best friend, and has a higher priority than your drinking buddies then HOORAY to all KALIWA husbands.

E) If KUKALIWA means that a HUSBAND spends quality time with his wife and kids, instead of engaging in dubious investments where he is CONNED then; "Watu wakaliwe forever".

f) If KUKALIWA means that when your wife is SICK you help her with work, and when she is overburdened, you extend a helping hand.. then LONG LIVE KUKALIWA.

G) If KUKALIWA means that you DON'T BEAT UP your wife, that you seek assistance from, and to whom you call helpers when you have tried all
the altanertives

in vain, then LONG LIVE KUKALIWA.

H) If KUKALIWA means that you treat your wife as a human being, that you are polite, don't bark at her like a dog, DONT growl at her like a hyena, consider that after work she is stressed as you are? then VIVA KUKALIWA.

I) If KUKALIWA means that you are at home after work, and that your wife and kids are your next of KIN then HONGERA WALE WOTE WALIOKALIWA. Na ukae hivyo hivyo! KAMA UMEKALIWA WEWE NI BINGWA!!


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