Thursday, February 12, 2009

Soda Drinkers.....

Are you one of millions hooked on sugary soda?

Are you lured by the taste, convenience and cost? Do you "need" a sugar buzz to give you "energy"? Or do you turn to soda when life isn't quite going your way?
No matter what your reasons, I invite you to ask yourself why you turn to these sugary, often-caffeine-laced beverages. What drives you to drink soft drinks, especially when the dangers are so many?
Before you swig another soda, think about what could happen if you keep up this horrible habit.
10 diseases linked to soda reveals, you could:
  1. Gain weight
  2. Get liver damage
  3. Develop kidney stones or kidney disease
  4. Get tooth decay
  5. Develop type 2 diabetes
  6. Get heartburn and acid reflux
  7. Develop osteoporosis
  8. Get High blood pressure (hypertension)
  9. Develop Heart disease
  10. Get impaired digestion
Still want a soda? think about it!!!

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