Friday, April 3, 2009

binti yake Warioba mbaroni.

POLICE in Dar es Salaam yesterday detained Ms June Warioba, daughter of former prime minister Joseph Sinde Warioba, and deflated all the tires on her saloon vehicle to persuade her to comply with an order to have her car inspected for any irregularities.

Although Ms Warioba was eventually released from the Oysterbay Police Station on police bail, Kinondoni Regional Police Commander Mark Karunguyeye told THISDAY that she may still face formal court charges for her conduct.

According to police sources, the arrest in the early morning hours of yesterday, followed a skirmish between Ms Warioba and a couple of traffic police officers along Kawawa Road in Kinondoni.

The sources said she was driving her Toyota Corolla vehicle towards Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road, a female traffic police officer identified as Cpl Nimlola ordered her to stop to allow an inspection of the car.

However, she is said to have flagrantly disobeyed the order, and zipped away.

Cpl Nimlola then telephoned ahead to a male colleague stationed at the junction, Cpl Samuel Emmanuel, of Ali Hassan Mwinyi and Kawawa Roads, notifying him about the runaway car. And sure enough, according to the police sources, when Ms Warioba arrived at the junction, Cpl Emmanuel was there to stop her.

This time, she is said to have slowed to a stop. But when ordered by Cpl Emmanuel to drive her car to the Oysterbay Police Station, she attempted to zip away again.

According to the police sources, Cpl Emmanuel then jumped onto the car’s front hood and hung right there, refusing to get off until Ms Warioba complied with the order.

At this point, she is said to have at last opted to comply with the order, and drove all the way to the station with the traffic cop still draped over the front hood.

But again, on arrival at the station, Ms Warioba is said to have continued with her stubbornness, refusing to get out of the car and enter the station to write a police statement and be interviewed by officers.

According to the sources, she insisted that the only person she was willing to talk to would be the Inspector General of Police himself, Said Mwema.

She rolled up her car windows, switched on the air-conditioner, took out a laptop computer and a cellphone, lit a cigarette, and just relaxed, police sources say.
Four policemen are said to have then surrounded the car and deflated all the tires, in a bid to disable it and prevent her from driving off again.

The sources say it was the Kinondoni District Crimes Officer (OC-CID), Damas Nyanda, who eventually walked up to the car, and persuaded her through the window to just give up the ’fight’ and cooperate with the police.

It was then that she alighted and walked with Nyanda up to the station, where her statement was recorded

She was eventually released on police bail, but RPC Karunguyeye told THISDAY in telephone interview that police are still contemplating whether to go ahead and charge her formally.

The RPC said an investigation is underway and Ms Warioba may face three counts of charges in court: Violating road traffic regulations, refusing to comply with a bona fide police order, and using abusive language to a police officer.


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