Friday, December 18, 2009

climate change

Talks, talks,talks and much more talks. That is all!
It has been like this since World War 2.
Participants get allowances during such meetings and they go back to their countries with just recommendations that are not binding!
Its a climatic talkshow... just too much carbon dioxide emission with no action after the show.
It's time we Africans to take responsibility for our problems instead of always blaming foreigners.
We will not walk out of the talks at this late hour, because we will not allow the failure of Copenhagen. But we will not sign an inequitable deal; we will not accept a deal that condemns 80% of the world population to further suffering and injustice.


  1. I wrote a similar piece on my blog making the same references that this is just a failure for our politicians to congregate together and cannot come to a solution.

    The world perishes.

  2. Kaka Simon
    Kwa niaba ya familia yangu na wapenda mema wote nakutakia kila lililo jema wakati huu wa sikukuu na usalama kuelekea mwaka mpya
    Baraka kwako