Wednesday, April 28, 2010

mvua zinazoendelea kunyesha jijini dar zimesababisha kero kubwa kwa wakazi wake ikiwa ni pamoja na shida ya usafiri kutokana na baadhi ya barabara kujaa maji kama inavyoonekana katika picha hapo juu


  1. Hello! I knew your blog by Stan covnitkepr1

    It is a pleasure to know a little about your country and despite being a beautiful place, I know there are many needs in health, education and work.

    If you want to send me the name or link aid institutions for children or people from your country or city, I will be happy to help and publish.

    I wish you Peace

  2. hi,
    i appreciate for your visit in this blog;
    however, will organise your request and get bqck to you soon!

  3. Hello Simon,

    Ok, I wait.

    I sincerely thank you follow my simple blog about the charity and customs of my people.

    A big brotherly hug.