Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Robbie Kean rejoined Tottenham Hotspur....

The Republic of Ireland striker has returned to North London,Tottenham Hotspur after what the Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez called the failure of the striker to establish himself in the team in regular basis.
"Sometimes,good players can not settle down in the team,and when this happens,you have to consider the situation and try to react quickly.If its not good for the team,then its better for everyone to make the decision and due to the situation in the transfer market and for the opportunity for the player,we have to do it now. I've to analyse things and try to look at the bigger picture and this means thinking of the club and the team and what is best for the team", said Benitez.
However,despite being the most expensive player to be transfered from Tottenham Hotspur to Liverpool,Kean saw himself not doing well as everybody expected to do with the club.

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  1. kean hana lolote,sio mchezaji wala nini,ni galasa tu...