Thursday, May 14, 2009

China reports mainland swine flu case.

Mainland China reported its first case of swine flu, a 30 year old man "currently enrolled in a university in the United States," the country's ministry of health said.

The number of swine flu cases worldwide jumped over the weekend by more than 1,000, to 4,694 from 3,440 in 30 countries and territories, the World Health Organization said Monday, with 53 deaths from the sickness.

During the flight from the capital to Chengdu, he became feverish "accompanied with throat pain, coughing, stuffy nose and slight running nose," the ministry said.

He was hospitalized for "isolation and treatment," and his temperature returned to normal, the ministry said.

It confirmed Saturday that he had been suffering from the H1N1 virus, as the disease is officially known.
Most other passengers who were on Bao's flight from Beijing to Chengdu have been located -- in 21 different provinces -- and sent for medical observation, the ministry said.


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