Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Twitter Tips- How to Increase Followers.

How do you get noticed on Twitter? Follow everyone else. Literally go through as many Twitter profiles as possible and click follow.
Retweet every link that comes from your friends. First of all your friend will be thankful for the retweet and secondly your followers will be thankful for the shared link.

You want your new followers to feel welcome so set up an auto welcome message via DM to say “Thanks for following me”. This is also the perfect time to list your sites that you want them to visit.
Twitter is a social networking site so when listing your website it’s a good idea to link to another social networking site that you’re on so friends can connect with you on that site also.

You want people to think that you’re really big and popular? so only reply to people who are famous or have thousands of followers.


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