Friday, February 5, 2010

Dar amongst world's dirtiest cities.

Dar is the eighth dirtiest city in the world, according to the international rating company NYC Partnership Consulting.

In the firm's rating of the 30 dirtiest cities around the globe, the Azerbaijan city of Baku was rated the dirtiest of them all, followed by Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa (2nd), Mexico City (3rd), Argentina’s Buenos Aires (4th), and Madagascar’s Antananarivo (5th).

The capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka, is rated number 6, while Nepal’s Kathmandu is on number 7 – followed by Dar.

In 9th place is Central African Republic capital city Bangui, and placed 10th is Lome, capital city of Togo.

“It is true and I accept that the city of Dar es Salaam is dirty, but I can't say anything about international standards. I don’t know the criteria they used in their rating and therefore I'm not in a position to comment on that,” said Lukuvi in a telephone interview, the Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner.

“The present system is messed up. You can’t have a contracted company collect garbage and levies at the same time. The municipalities will henceforth be responsible for collecting the levies and paying the companies that are contracted to collect the garbage,” Lukuvi explained.

“A garbage truck which previously was making up to 10 trips per day to the Kigogo dump site, now does just one trip a day to the Pugu site. This results in a pile-up of garbage.”

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